Our Services

Executive Search offers tailor made high quality leadership consulting services. With presence over 2 decades we have developed a talent pool consisting of associates from the world over. We help organizations achieve their success stories and grow beyond their competition in today’s challenging economy.

In today’s inexorable competitive pressure and unstable market conditions, the organizations’ expectations from their employees has increased multifold, Executive Search applies a real vision of our client’s strategic constraints and environments to find the best match for their requirements.

Our client-centric approach helps us find suitable leaders who have the necessary skills & experience to advance company’s goals.

We offer the following tailor-made services:

  • Manpower Planning- We have been in existence since the past 20+ years, we know our clients, their environments and their growth patterns, their requirements and their constraints and help them best decide what kind of people they need at different level of management as they grow over the years.
  • Permanent Staffing- Executive search is our largest area of service that connects us with our clients. We at Executive Search helps you find the exceptional personnel build successful teams and spawn worthy partners with excellence.
  • Leadership Hiring- Hiring leaders for a company is not just about matching the technical skillsets or keywords that a search might require, Leaders empower organizations and usually make or break companies. Our deep knowledge of various industries coupled with our experience of over two decades has helped our clients assess and hire various top executives at critical leadership roles.
  • Turnkey Projects- We help clients setup their complete offices at new locations. From Support to HR to Finance to Technical to General Management to Leadership positions. Over the span of past two decades, our teams have matured well enough to handle the various kinds of positions to ensure that we are a one stop shop for our clients.
  • Volume Hiring –This is one of the biggest recruitment challenges in many organizations where our sister concern Talent Resource Consulting supports companies looking for large number of people not compromising on quality and skills. Where Executive Search is working on middle and senior level hiring Talent Resource is responsible for handling third party payroll and volume hiring.
  • Competency Mapping- Executive Search supports Companies in designing the complete recruitment strategy as per the required project and division to helping the organizations to achieve its goals. By putting right people at a right place we help organizations to help to achieve success.
  • Retained Search- During senior assignments where the search is tough and the right fits are less, Our clients typically retain us to perform specific tough searches with a guarantee of position closure.
  • Compensation Benchmarking- Executive Search supports Companies to benchmark compensation and advice on the assessments as per the designations

Our Researchers and consultants assess knowledge about the external market accurately.

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