Industry as a whole

Many of the startups have entered the market either with a complete new range of product line or through gaps in the existing market. This has resulted in transforming India into the fourth largest hub for startups.

India with its enormous young population results in a huge market place that all companies want to tap into and is expected to overtake China by 2028.

There has been cumulative conscious amongst founders of Startups and new business ventures that effectiveness of human resource as a function is vital for long term business feasibility. Thus for startups to thrive the business it is very important to have the right fit for the company’s growth which is vital to enable the company’s success.

Hiring Challenges

Regular sources will bring regular people but it is very important to understand the every individual role as human resource is the valuable asset for any startup company is putting its fund into.

As the promoters of the Startups are busy creating strategies and solutions, they generally lack the time required for hiring the right people.

Startups are founded by people with innovative, industry changing ideas; but their names are not yet spread across the market. This creates a problem in getting people to join them.

Moreover, Many Individuals are not very keen to work with new companies as they are unsure about the sustenance levels and long term growth.

Executive Search’s Approach

Executive Search has a team of highly qualified people supporting the biggest starts ups in India. We help them find the right talent right from the Front Desk staff upto the CXO levels.

We understand that startups have newer, brighter ideas and operate at models which are different from the industry and that is what makes them scale up much faster than the competition.

We offer tailored service models to start ups and further help them in branding their organisation to the industry at large.

Our Closures:

  • CFO
  • Manager – Sales
  • VP – Business Strategy
  • Product Manager
  • Director – QA
  • Head – Branding
  • Associate Director – Supply Chain
  • Category Head
  • EA for Director
  • EA for Partner

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