Private Equity

Industry as a whole

The money inflow to Private equity firms in India in 2015 alone has surpassed the inflow of the entire contributions of 2014, Venture capital investors channeled Rs 15,600 crore, or $2.46 billion, into Indian startups this year till June 2015, compared with Rs 14,850 crore, or $2.34 billion, in 2014.

With the eCommerce Bubble Building up in the country, a lot of Private Equity Firms are investing into India and this trend currently seems to rise year over year.

Hiring Challenges

The edge that all Private Equity firms get is by identifying investment companies before the competition does or before these companies develop into large entities.

The way to identify is by employing the right people who know the market and the industry, who can analyse the hidden value of such companies, calculate their correct worth and get their companies to invest in them…. All before its too late.

Such Sharp Minded Individuals are uncommon, highly paid and unapproachable for a change.

Executive Search’s Approach:

We at Executive Search understand the dynamics of this new industry. We have been supporting equity firms from almost 2 decades; we have expertise and extensive knowledge of the leadership talent in different sectors of business. Where the who’s who works and what they do.

We have a dedicated Research Team which solely focuses on mapping such industries to find out the individuals sitting at strategic positions and help our clients get in touch with them.

We support Private Equity firm with recruitments for their internal requirements as well as expansion of talent and people for their portfolio companies.

 Our Closures:

  • CFO for a Portfolio Company
  • Head of Manufacturing for a Portfolio Company
  • Associate Consultant
  • Lead Consultant
  • Technical Lead
  • Senior Technical Consultant
  • Director Sales for a Portfolio Company

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