Engineering and Industrial

Driven by amplified investments in infrastructure and industrial production, The Indian Engineering sector has observed a notable progress in recent past. This domain, being closely connected with the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors of the economy, is of great strategic importance to India’s economy.

The Growth is driven by various sub-sectors such as infrastructure, power, steel, automotive, oil and gas, consumer durables etc.

Compelled by resilient demand for engineering goods, exports from India recorded a double digit growth at 10.22 per cent to touch US$ 26.4 billion in June 2014 from US$ 24.02 billion in the corresponding month last year. This progress can be credited to the robust expansion in export of aircraft, spacecraft parts and automobiles.

The second best performing sector has been the non-ferrous metals and metal products.

With this domain experiencing growth at such a pace coupled with the large amounts of FDI coming, companies are starting to get funds which they can further invest in their expanding their operations.

In order to bridge this demand and supply gap, we can foresee a stable increase in the requirement of manpower for the next 5-10 year

Hiring Challenges

With the advent and greater acceptance of technology and the desire of every company to upgrade themselves over and above their competitors,

There’s been much talk of development of “skills gaps” in various areas like manufacturing, Engineering, Oil & Gas Industries.

Specific technical positions (for example, specialized machine operators for oil and gas drilling enterprises) require candidates with expertise in a very specific skillset. Such candidates can be hard to find.

More and more companies are now adopting newer technologies and equipment for their operations but the skills required from the operators of such technology are not developing in tandem with the adoption.

This has created a “skill gap” which is slowly widening causing a dearth of talent in this industry.

This challenge further deepens in remote areas that are far from universities and population centers.

Executive Search’s Approach

 Executive Search has long history in helping organizations in niche candidate search with specific technical skills. Our internal sourcing team and research methodology to zero in on candidates always encompasses the challenges pertaining to candidate availability across any geography.

List Of Closures

  •  VP- Engineering – Civil Structure Offshore
  • GM- Projects- Solar Power
  • Fracturing Supervisor- Drilling Operations
  • Well Testing Supervisor- Drilling Supervisor
  • VP- Geographic Information System
  • Head- Operations & Maintenance Wind Farm

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