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Ecommerce in India started off with a few Entrepreneurs venturing to get their brands recognized into the digital space and this industry has since boomed like anything while completely transforming the mindset of the Indian consumers.

Ecommerce is the fastest growing industry in India, since today is the world of Internet, India has seen a tremendous growth in terms of internet base users & the culture adopted by the consumers in Ecommerce Industry.

India is the largest market after US & China in terms of opportunities in Ecommerce Space. Since we have third highest internet users around the world and the numbers are increasing extensively.

It has been a tremendous exercise to get the Indian consumers to trust the internet however the innovative entrepreneurs have come with extraordinary concepts which in turn ensure that consumers come to purchase from them and then stay on as loyal buyers.

  • Ecommerce portals are now trending in India.
  • The penetration of e-commerce is low compared to markets like the USA and the UK but is growing at a much faster rate with a large number of new entrants; INDIA has an internet user base of about 250.2 million as of June 2014.
  • Demand for international consumer products is growing much faster than in-country supply from authorized distributors and e-commerce offerings. Unique to India, there is Cash On Delivery Payment Option. Companies are now also coming up with never seen before Card on Delivery

India’s e-commerce market was worth about $3.8 billion in 2009, it went up to $12.6 billion in 2013. In 2013, the e-retail market was worth US$ 2.3 billion. About 70% of India’s e-commerce market is travel related. India has close to 10 million online shoppers and is growing at an estimated 30%. CAGR vis-à-vis a global growth rate of 8–10%. Electronics and Apparel are the biggest categories in terms of sales.

Hiring Challenges:

“The biggest challenge in e-commerce sector is to retain key people. Compensation – immediate, short term and long term – are all important but employees in this sector look beyond just money. Unlike other sectors, empowerment, working culture, and focus on innovation are also critical, Due to massive scale up plans; several e-commerce companies are turning to consultants, who have expertise in these areas for boosting recruitment. Ecommerce sector focuses on finding innovative people as they are trying to their best to establish their footprints in India and to bring the prime talent on to the platform which does not have a history is again a big challenge. 

Executive Search’s Approach:

Executive Search is specialized into ecommerce domain with a team working with various clients in ecommerce space with multiple industries like Travel, Fashion, Retail, Real Estate, Banking & Technology etc. Further to our study,  we understand the internet base users in India growing at very fast pace which in turn helps growing the ecommerce sector , we have built in expertise in such a way that we understand their business model entirely from start up to a growing company, We recruit the people at multiple scales like CTOs, Vice President – Technology, Software Managers, and even the users of the software developed by these candidates and their staffs.

Along with this we also have a strong expertise hiring for Functional & Techno functional hiring in ecommerce space specially into Fashion & Electronic side. With our high quality recruitment solutions in the Ecommerce sector, you could save your time, money, and the trouble of sourcing & related tasks. Also With a deep understanding of the domain and a rich past experience, we have successfully closed many high-level and mid-level positions in the past. Unlike many other recruitment companies and search firms, we work with the primary aim of offering the ‘best of best’ for our clients.

Our Closures:

  • AVP – Sales
  • CFOs for Multiple eCommerce Startups
  • Senior manager – LIC / GIC
  • AVP – Credit Cards
  • HR Head
  • Regional Managers
  • Project Managers
  • iOS / Android Developers
  • UI Developers
  • Sr Manager – Electronics
  • Manager – SEO

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