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EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS support and make professional life easier for busy business tycoons

Busy executives count on them to be their “right hand,”


Industry Snapshot

The secretary of those days has gone the way of the typewriter and been replaced by the Executive Assistant, now typically reserved for senior management, Executive Assistants have become their right hands who work as a Business Assistant, Personal Assistant, Secretary, Office Manager, Travel Manager and their Representative at certain events.

With an equal amount of wages in almost every sector of business, EAs have become the eyes are ears of the Senior Management who do not have the time to get into the micro level. They make presentations, collate reports and filter out the people relevant for the top management to meet; thereby providing high-level support to their bosses, helping in achieving profitability of the business.

Hiring Challenges

As EAs work with the top management and are invaluable to their work, they are usually not ready to switch from their current companies. Their bosses generally ensure they are happy and try to retain them when they resign.

As the EAs are also involved in the day to day life of their Boss, They tend to also work at a personal level with them. It is not necessary that the EA that works well, will also gel well, and this might create problems in the long term.

If the person doesn’t fit in well, changing them becomes a problem as the work to be done by the boss in their absence becomes monumental.

Executive Search’s Approach

Our vertical has been in existence since the past 20 years and we have an unmatched database to find the perfect fit.

Because of our long existence, we know the candidates at a personal level and are able to judge who will fit in the best with their prospective bosses, thereby nearly eliminating the chances of them being a mismatch in the organisation

We have a very virtuous engagement history. For every two EA’s CVs  shared, 1 is placed
We have never been called upon to refund a client with our services.
And we provide an EA/Secretary in the “Quickest turnaround time” in the industry.

Our Closures

  • EA for Partners and Directors in Top Management Consulting Firms
  • EA for COO (Expat) in Leading Oil and Gas Company
  • EA for MD (French Expat) in a Leading Energy and Electrical Company
  • EA for CEO of a Top Hospital Chain
  • EA for CEO – North Circle for one of the Top Telecom Companies
  • EA for MD for one of the Top French Telecom Companies
  • EA for Partner in one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms
  • EA for MD for one for the top Consumer Electronics Conglomerates
  • EA for CMD and COO for one of the Top Pharmaceutical Companies in the World.


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