Consumer Products

Industry as a whole

The Consumer Durables sector is the 4th Largest Sector in the Indian Economy contributing about Rs 85000 crore in 2013-14 to India’s GDP.

India’s Population is currently at 1.252 billion and by 2030, it is estimated to overtake China and reach 1.45 Billion. This industry is directly linked with consumption and as India’s population is currently growing at a staggering rate, the Consumer Durables industry is stated to have a very robust growth in the future.

Hiring Challenges

  • High attrition at Lower and Middle level of management
  • The individuals in the marketing domain are usually considered to be the best and are now being poached by other upcoming industries
  • FMCG Sector has been receiving talent competition and their demand remains consistent and supply relatively lower. And in context to that Indian FMCG professionals are also poached by other verticals also such as telecom, retail, ecommerce and textile in Indian market. FMCG has been the desired career for the jobseeker being one of the competitive industries in Indian market. As training and development of the FMCG professionals are standard which makes the adaptability little easier for other verticals to poach FMCG professionals.

Executive Search’s Approach

We use the knowledge and expertise that we have developed over the past two decades to help clients understand what kind of people are best suited for their organisation.

Our shortlisting process and in-depth candidate analysis helps companies to reduce chances of back-outs at the end moment and ensure that they stay on for a longer period.

Our Closures:

  • Director – Marketing
  • Director – New Products
  • Head – HR
  • Head – Supply Chain
  • Head – Merchandising
  • Factory Manager
  • Area Sales Managers
  • Zonal Sales Managers
  • Zonal Legal Head – North
  • Cluster Head – Planning

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